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The word ‘METANGI’ is taken from the Balinese language and means ‘WAKE UP’. The word can also refer to ‘rising’ or ‘awakening’. We use Metangi in the sense of having the soul and spirit wake up and bounce back after facing a difficult situation. At Metangi restaurant, guests can enjoy a menu of delicious culinary creations and refreshing drinks. We hope to provide our guests with the energy and enthusiasm to rise up and carry out the day’s activities.




The Deck Bar, boasting a tranquilly pleasant setting complete with architecture influenced by indigenous Balinese culture, Deck Bar is the ideal venue to hang out through the day and into the night.

During the day, enjoy refreshing drinks whilst soaking up the sun or lounging around the pool.  Later at night, sip on some of our delectable cocktails whilst gazing at the stars, which will wash away your worries.

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Enjoy an array of food and beverage outlets available at a deluxe hotel in Kuta - Paasha Atelier Kuta, each offering a distinctive ambience and speciality menus.  Look no further for your satisfying dinner night out.  

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